All Music is Psychedelic

Art Bar Remix

All music is psychedelic

Bach is psychedelic.
Lawrence Welk is psychedelic.
Pink Floyd is no more psychedelic than Nickelback,
soft rock no less psychedelic than Radiohead
– just much crappier.

Marching songs are psychedelic.
National anthems are psychedelic.
Jingle Bells is psychedelic.

You don’t need LSD to know this. Listen
to all the prosaic sounds crunching,
whirring and slurping through our everyday ears.

Some frequencies rise into a droning,
a humming, a
moaning, and of these, certain sound waves
gain tones over tones becoming symmetric
ripples, echoing out and rebounding in, harmonic
oscillations with a strange power to hammer on
the tuning fork inside us.

We could have called it holyfuckinvisiblemagic
but we named it Music.


Originally performed at the Art Bar Poetry Series on October 20th, 2009. Additional sound clips and effects by the Art Bar's technical crew.


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Chris Gilpin writes texts and sometimes enacts them. He has performed across Canada and the United States. But he would prefer not to leave his apartment.