Hand-Carved Cardiogram

Short Take on Magpie Ulysses' Strangler Fig

Few poets can declare “my heart is a butane-fuelled potato cannon” and make you believe it, but Magpie Ulysses can. Although much of her new chapbook, Strangler Fig, uses her life as the raw material for her poems, it’s not so much a confession than an exorcism. Ulysses is a skeet shooter blasting apart memories with cackling laugther. She looks at love through anthropology, at skids through their pathetic hopefulness, at sex through the raw heat of need. These poems go down well with Albertan whiskey and a two-four of your softest regrets.

“Everyday of eking out an existence by shoveling is an evening spent drunk.”


"Hand-Carved Cardiogram" was originally published in The Skinny Magazine (Vancouver, Canada June 2010, Issue 43) under the column entitled "Art's Corpse".
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Chris Gilpin writes texts and sometimes enacts them. He has performed across Canada and the United States. But he would prefer not to leave his apartment.