Magic in the Mundane

Short Take on Fernando Raguero's Uncle Lawrence Has a Dewy Bum

“I’m all for the mundane.”

Fernando Raguero‘s dry wit has been sharpened and refined even further in his latest poetry chapbook Uncle Lawrence Has a Dewy Bum.

Raguero takes commonplace situations and turns them into ribald adventures, filled with zinging one-liners and imaginative twists into the absurd. He imagines how Leonard Cohen would react after getting beat at a poetry slam, or what the real ingredients are in Tim Horton’s ‘special’ sauce, or how he would run a shop called Damn Muffins just so he could hear people say “I’ll have a damn muffin”.

Raguero has moved past his biggest influence, Charles Bukowski, and has developed a style that is both more scatalogical and more human.


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Chris Gilpin writes texts and sometimes enacts them. He has performed across Canada and the United States. But he would prefer not to leave his apartment.