You Can Laugh If You Dare

Short Take on Al Mader's NaiveVille

The Minimalist Jug Band, aka Al Mader, stomps, moans and shuffles through his latest release NaiveVille with his trademark self-mockery. Mader strikes out beyond his washtub bass with the aid of his musical accomplice, Petunia, adding strings and horns that tremble and warble as if taking their cue from Mader’s quavering voice. It gives the whole sound an elegant frailty. You can still find plenty to laugh along with, especially on tracks like “Let’s Not Bother with Christmas”, but the humour is darker than on previous albums. NaiveVille splices 1930s Americana with Theatre of Absurd, and pulls it off with panache.


"You Can Laugh If You Dare" was originally published in The Skinny Magazine (Vancouver, Canada June 2010, Issue 43) under the column entitled "Art's Corpse".
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Chris Gilpin writes texts and sometimes enacts them. He has performed across Canada and the United States. But he would prefer not to leave his apartment.